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Susan Hanniford Crowley

Author of Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, & Fantasy

Specializing in Vampires and Rare Supernaturals & Now Young Adult Adventures

Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!

Coming Soon: EverWarm

My second book for ages 13 to 113 too!

      Set in New York City in December, EverWarm is a sweet teen vampire romance.  It is the first in the Young Supernaturals of New York Series.

A boy meets a girl.

Both enjoy store holiday display windows.

The boy lives in a luxury condo.

The girl lives in a cardboard box in an alley.
What happens that night will change them forever!

Lady Fallon's Dragons

My first book for ages 13 to 113

A wondrous tale of contemporary dragons and a young woman fighting for her life.  There's action, intrigue, sweet romance, and loads of dragons!

The Vampire with a Blanket

of Stars,

Book 3 in the Arnhem Knights of New York series

is available in paperback and Kindle. You can find it on Amazon at

It's a love story that takes place during World War II and into the present day. It is a vampire romance novel set mostly in Romania, but does not have anything to do with Dracula. This is the story of the first son of King Maximillion Vander Meer of New York. This Prince has a lot to offer - eternal life and intense love that doesn't pale in the sunlight.


Night fell with the snow. Vampire Prince Razvan stood at a crossroads in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. On that cold wintry night in 1938, something unseen spoke to his heart, and he led his companions into the forest. A flash of silver in the dark! A whisper to his heart so soft it ached! Then he saw the gypsy encampment in the deep woods and knew they would take refuge there for the rest of the night. At first, she hid behind the others. But when she peeked out, his heart was lost gazing into the exotic blue eyes of the raven-haired beauty. He felt the excitement rushing through her blood like wine, making her reckless and wild. She should have been afraid of him. His dark visions of the future should have terrified her. Still, she remained spellbound by his gaze and would not turn away. While the others slept, two hearts stood in the snow hidden behind a tree, watched by the stars. But it would not stay night forever.


The 2nd book in the Arnhem Knights of New York series is

Vampire Princess of New York

Noblesse is the daughter of the Vampire King of New York Maximillion Vander Meer. In the over two hundred years she's been a vampire, Noblesse has never found true love or discovered what happened to her mother who disappeared just prior to the French Revolution.

Noblesse has to choose between two men. Both profess their love. Both are keeping a secret from her. One wants to destroy her, and one wants to love her forever. But which one?

The 1st book in the Arnhem Knights of New York series is

Vampire King of New York

Max Vander Meer is a modern-day Viking, CEO of VMeer Industries, and a Vampire. He makes a plea to the Goddess Freya to find the only woman who can heal his heart, the woman haunting his dreams. But, the Goddess strikes a bargain with him. To find this special woman, Max must return to the city he helped build-New York, which is threatened by an ancient terror. When he meets Evelyn, he is astounded. Could she be the one who inhabits his dreams? But Evelyn is haunted by loss and betrayal. How can Max win her love when she doesn't trust him as a man, and she doesn't want to be a vampire? If Max returns to Iceland without her, he will be encased in ice . . . forever!


To see my other books available in Amazon print and Kindle ebook, please, visit

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